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Good and bad things of the day
Good thing I did today - gave the Pikachu toy from my Happy meal to a polite girl with an awesome Pikachu backpack

Bad thing - Setting fire to pizza box in oven as box lid was left slightly open when I took dip out, even though oven was not on high, covering nearly 1/2 the pizza in ash.

What good/ bad thing did you guys do today
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 22:48, archived)
Shut up m8

(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 23:01, archived)
You shut the M8?
Quite the achievement.
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 23:23, archived)
(, Sat 13 Jan 2018, 23:52, archived)
That's fantastic

(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 7:53, archived)
i got chased over the moors by a pack of wolves, which was very good exercise and a fun day out for them

(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 0:04, archived)
Good thing. Dunno.
Bad thing: Said 'Sorry' to b3ta to get off the nawty step for saying Hi to D*m on /links.
(, Sun 14 Jan 2018, 2:35, archived)