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This is a question Random Acts of Kindness

Crackhouseceilidhband asks: Has anyone ever been nice to you, out of the blue, for no reason? Have you ever helped an old lady across the road, even if she didn't want to? Make me believe that the world is a better place than the media and experience suggest

(, Thu 9 Feb 2012, 13:03)
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When I was a tillmonkey I'd let people off if they were around 10p short
Fuck it, it's not going to bankrupt a national supermarket chain, is it?
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 11:33, closed)
Well done Emvee, you fucking thief
You've given away their profit margin on a transaction because you thought some old bag with a lazy eye was giving you the wink
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 11:39, closed)
You know, if you were to head to Give-a-fuck City
You could head downtown and pay $2 to ride the great glass elevator that runs up the side of its largest building, Give-a-fuck Towers. At the very top of Give-a-fuck Towers there is a switch which, when activated, projects the Give-a-fuck sign high into the sky over Give-a-fuck City and deep in the bedrock beneath Give-a-fuck Manor, an alarm will sound in the Give-a-fuckcave, alerting Captain Give-a-fuck that it's time to jump in the Give-a-fuckmobile and then if you're very, very lucky, someone might, just might, give a fuck what you think.
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 14:26, closed)

(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 15:22, closed)
Dunno, it goes on and on labouring the same point with no pay off.
Lol just like your qotw answers shiteflake lololol
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 15:59, closed)
Thats 'Gaylake' to you.
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 16:15, closed)
Is that better Mr. Fuzzy lion ?
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 16:57, closed)
Whilst I'll consider myself pwned....

I did wonder why I like it so much - I think you have a point.
(, Tue 14 Feb 2012, 8:33, closed)
when i worked in a bookies i did this.
Largely out of apathy and hangover than compassion though.
(, Mon 13 Feb 2012, 20:31, closed)

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