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[challenge entry] I'm astonished this hasn't already been entered in the image challenge.

It must have already been done hundreds of times, but everyone who did it has died.

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(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 16:01, archived)
# and now i want to watch both alien and doctor who
(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 16:07, archived)
# Now there's a crossover
Could the Doctor regenerate after a chestbursting? Would the alien manage to assimilate some of his DNA?
(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 17:07, archived)
# Pffffffft
(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 17:09, archived)
# Everyone else who did it died from having an alien bust out of their chests
Probably just a coincidence though, don't let it bother you.
(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 18:12, archived)
# arf!
gordon did this and he isn't dead
(, Fri 4 Mar 2016, 21:23, archived)